My Favourites

Movies/Series: Intersteller, Mr. Robot, The Social Network, Dune, Revolution OS, more...

Video Games: Garena Free Fire, Counter Strike, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto Series, Veloren, PyChess, more...

Indoor game: Chess

Outdoor game: Cricket

Music Artists/Bands: NEFFEX, Xxxtentacion, BrxkenBxy, Alan Walker, Justin Bieber, probably more...

Inspiration: Steve Jobs, Richard Stallman, Ratan Tata, Stephen Hawking, more...

Some Softwares That I Use

Operating System: Arch GNU/Linux

Desktop Environment: KDE Plasma

Shell: BASH

Bootloader: GRUB

Media PLayers: mpv, VLC, sxiv, nomacs

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, GNU IceCat, Tor Browser, Ungoogled-Chromium

Password Manager: KeePassXC

Terminal: Konsole

Office suite: Libre Office

PDF Viewer: Okular

IDE: Emacs, VSCodium

Text editor: nano, emacs, vim

BitTorrent Client: qBitTorrent

IRC Client: irssi, Konversation

Video editor: Shotcut, Kdenlive, Adobe Premiere Pro (I'm a Casual editor.)

Image editor: Krita, GIMP

Phone's OS: Android with MIUI and Chinese spyware added

Some Services That I Use

Mail: Gmail, Outlook

Social Media (Normie Ones): Discord, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Whatsapp, more...

Social Media (Better Ones): Matrix, Internet Relay Chat, Mastodon, Signal, Telegram, Reddit, more...

Suckless front-ends of some services: Nitter(Twitter), Piped(Youtube), PlasmaTube(Youtube), Bibliogram(Instagram), Spotube(Spotify)

Cloud Storage and File sharing: fav), BitTorrent(Yet another fav), Google Drive, Mega

Search Engine: SearX,, DuckDuckGo, Google, Yandex(For reverse image search)

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